Time Sharing

Time Sharing
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Time Sharing


People share their room; we share our “Time”


2erguy platform is targeting on an innovative service for “Time Sharing”. Local people use their free time providing service to the travellers, and make the travellers feel like home. Local people can upload their available time and service to our platform while the travellers can search and book the service anytime, anywhere. 2erguy will drive this new future travel pattern combining Flight + Hotel + People.


Local Experts


Give yourself an opportunity to work part time and make foreign friends


Everyone can be a unique local expert. Upload your free time details on 2erguy platform to make yourself available, and then upload your service. Local service will be a distinctive and authentic experience for travellers such as: exclusive viewing spots, tour guidance, street food in night market, outdoor activities, coffee time with new friends, airport pick up, driver service, shopping on behalf of you service, business secretary, other profession service.


Distinctive service from 2erguy:

 Time sharing: maximize the value of your free time and allocate your extra and misuse time properly.

 Flexible arrangement: you can do this either part-time or full-time and design your own service including the contents, itineraries, price rate and timeline and then publish them online. This will be an enjoyable job to fulfil your enthusiasm and financial needs while performing your special expertise and personal interests.

 Free published: 2erguy does not charge any publish fee so you can publish or remove your service on the platform anytime. We will only charge the service fee every time when you complete one service.

 Promoting local culture: help to simulate local life and promote endemic culture rather than focus on stereotype tour in large cities which are most likely business driven approach.

 Service satisfaction review: you will have a chance to get extra 3% bonus points as a reward if you are reviewed as a great and good interactive local expert.


Travel Friending


Exclusive travel experience makes you feel like a local resident


When you get a second chance to visit the same city, except join the tour group or arrange your own plan. We highly recommend you to make a local friend who lives there, they will take you to the most authentic restaurants hidden in allies or lanes. They will tell you the legendary stories about local cultures and customs, and share their life adventure. So, give yourself a chance to experience 2erguy’s service and our experts, let’s have an exceptional travel plan this time!


 Simple, Easy and Convenient: you don’t have to search or collect excessive travel information online, each of our local expert in 2erguy knows the best place to go, the most interesting thing to do.

 Remarkable life experience: follow the guidance from our local expert and immerse yourself to feel the heartbeat of each city. The service provided from every local expert is apart from standardized and tedious agenda.

 Effective communication: select the service you need and you can interact with our local experts on 2erguy, to make your trip more pleasant.

 Making friends worldwide: break the boundary across countries and cultures, via 2erguy make more like-minded friends and your social network will be more diverse and worldwide.

 Rating and review system: you can acquire a better service with high positive rated local experts. Please don't forget to give your local expert a review on time after your trip.