Established in 2018 in Taiwan, “2erguy” is a multinational touristic matching platform that provides services to both the tourists (who seek in-depth local experiences) and our registered local experts. We embrace the concept of sharing economy and developed a pioneering tourist approach – Sharing of Time.


Browsing through our website makes it fast and easy for the tourists to find their desire local experience. It can be an hour of coffee break with a new local friend or a 3 to 4 hours of local tour guide. Chatting and learning about the history and stories of the place you are visiting from local perspectives.


We believe that only by accompanying with a local expert, of whom sharing his/her unique life experience with you, can take you through an authentic in-depth local traveling experience. Under our unique Time Sharing business model, anyone can make better use of their spare time and profit from it. At the same time, his also offers the tourists more options and flexibility towards their traveling plans.



At 2erguy we strive to implement corporate social responsibility and the concept of sustainability in our corporate culture. We welcome people who think highly of the same values to join us as partners. Let’s work together in this innovative concept of sharing economy business model.

Vacant Position
  •  Business Partner


     Internet Marketing、Sales、Financing、Public Relation、Media、Front end and Back end coding engineer.


     Technology Share、Brilliant Team Calture、An Opportunity to build your Own Business.

  • Web Front End/Back End coding engineer


     Familiar with HTML5、CSS3、JavaScript、jQuery、AJAX、Bootstrap、Google Maps、Ruby on Rails、PHP

  • Intern


     Internet Marketing、Visual Design、Coding engineer


     3 to 6 months

    Interview period:

     Any time


     Please email your CV to service@2erguy.com and state your applying category.   (Internet Marketing、Visual Design、Coding engineer etc.)


→Please email us in detail should you find any problem with our web user interface or any procudure (registering, ordering etc.).


→2erguy welcomes all knids of business collaboration. Please email us and tell us your proposal in detail.


Email: service@2erguy.com

Office hours: 09:30 ~ 18:30 (GMT+08)